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Water Treatment Custom Part

We specialize in the production of high quality metal and plastic component parts. Our company can produce a wide variety of parts in quantities from 1 to 3000 pieces. We have a diverse customer base throughout the U.S. and Canada that includes those in the environmental, food and drug processing, printing and blast cleaning industries. This gives us experience with a variety of materials including stainless steels, plastic, castings and exotic metals.

Rely on Brucher Machining for  your custom projects requiring heat treating, electronic balancing, plating, welding and more.  With our exceptional staff and vast network  of  highly qualified suppliers – you can count on Brucher to deliver.


We specialize in small production lot precision machining from 1 to 3,000 pieces and handle pieces from 3/8” to 30” in diameter.  CNC machining, turning and milling are the main elements of our expertise, but not our only focus.  Our goal is to provide a good solution for your needs.  The Brucher Machining team works diligently at developing efficient systems and processes using the knowledge and expertise of our skilled machinists.


While we don’t do our heat treating in-house, we do have valued relationships with heat treaters as part of our manufacturing process.  Heat treating can be tricky, and we apply our knowledge of the process that is best for a specific part and a specific outcome.  Many of the parts that we manufacture call for heat treatment in order to acquire certain desired mechanical properties.  We can help with the decision making for this process, and we can incorporate the heat treatment into our manufacturing process for you.


Brucher Machining has the equipment and ability to do electronic dynamic balancing for many of our manufactured parts.  In the instances that our equipment cannot do the balancing for specific parts, we have reliable relationships with balancing specialists that can advise us in the process or handle the process themselves.  In-house or outsourced, we can get the job done for your project. 


Often times, projects call for specific types of metal plating or coating to finish part surfaces.  Since we are very familiar with plating & coating purposes as part of the manufacturing process, we offer this service with the help of a variety of providers that handle a wide range of techniques.


If your project calls for welding and/ or fabrication, we can definitely handle the challenge.  Welding metals together can sometimes be handled in house.  Fabrication, or the process of creating a metal product from design to completion, is something we do daily.  When the two processes are called for in the same project, we have relationships with experts to meet all of our manufacturing needs to give you a quality finished product.


We’ve been emphasizing our expertise in project management on this page, whether your project requires machining only or machining plus any or all of the additional processes.  With the attention to detail that each part of each machine calls for, we can offer to take some of that on for you.  We consider ourselves a value added manufacturer, meaning we take the job and all of its components seriously and work hard to complete it well and in a timely manner.  Often times, we can offer design help in addition to coordinating all of the variables of making your machined parts into the quality finished products that you desire.

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